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Our practice would not be the successful, welcoming environment that we strive for if it weren’t for our hardworking and dedicated staff members.

Our Team

Javid Farooqi

Chief Operating Officer

Raheel Khawaja

Clinical Manager

Mary “Missy” Galinas

Billing Manager

Jazmin Cervantes

Front Desk Manager (Bilingual)

Nancy Garcia

Billing Coordinator

Nisha Henderson

Medical Assistant Training Manager

Haley Fontaine

Front Desk Receptionist

Misty Gonzales

Mental Health Back Office Manager

Bonnie Fonner

HR Manager

Traniece Greer

Certified Medical Assistant

Liliana Arellano

Front Desk Receptionist (Bilingual) - Mental Health Division

Aaron Hughes

Inventory and Supply Management Specialist

Shannon Lawrence

Certified Medical Assistant

Elizabeth Magana

Referral Coordinator

Janet Sierra

Certified Medical Assistant (Bilingual)

Gloria Rodriguez

Medical Appointment Scheduler (Bilingual)

Nelia Liera

Accounting and Office Assistant

Jasmine Covarrubio

Medical Billing Coordinator

Jacqueline Carpenter

Quality Reporting Coordinator

Xavier Castillo

Certified Medical Assitant


Yobanna Ortiz

Office Manager

Mikel Warner

Mental Health Division Supervisor

Dee Cureton

Certified Medical Assistant

Aitza Ortiz

Certified Medical Assistant (Bilingual)


Our Focus:  All of our policies and protocols are established around providing the best possible care to our patients.  Our Team consists of MDs, NPs, RNs, MAs, Managers and other support staff to achieve that goal.


Patient-Centered Care:  To us, Patient Care is First, and Foremost.

  • Compassionate and Respectful Care:  We treat our patients with compassion, empathy, and respect always. Every interaction should demonstrate a commitment to meeting patients individual needs, preferences, and cultural backgrounds.

  • Accessible and Responsive Services:  We prioritize accessibility and responsiveness to patient’s needs, offering convenient online appointment scheduling, timely communication, and efficient care delivery. We have extended our hours in the evenings and on Saturdays to provide more options for our patients.

  • Holistic Approach to Care:  We encompass a holistic approach that considers not only physical health, but also mental, emotional, social well-being. This may involve collaboration in addressing social determinants of health and providing comprehensive support services.

Employee Focus:  We know our employees are our biggest assets because of how much they care about our patients. 

  • Supportive Work Environment:  We strive to ensure our employees feel valued, supported, and well powered within our clinics.  We foster a family environment consisting of respect, teamwork, and professional development.  We provide training, education, and mentorship for all positions at AMA. 

  • Clear Communication and Feedback: AMA is a ‘Performance Based Organization’.  We are good at what we do and that is because we have highly qualified and very caring staff.  We provide constant feedback sessions to our employees, Performance, evaluations, and staff meetings to help address concerns, recognize achievements, and promote continuous improvement.

  • Work life Balance and Wellness Programs: We prioritize the well-being of all of our employees and resources and programs to support our staff.  We are big in Work-Life balance as most of us have kids and families.  As a family-owned organization, we offer a great deal of flexibility to our employees.  Our employees enjoy a lot of benefits beyond basic things just as Health and Retirement benefits. 

Community Outreach:  We strongly believe in giving back to our community and supporting the underserved. 

  • Engagement with Community Partners:  AMA has partnered up with several organizations in Chandler and the East Valley community to support those in need.  AMA proudly hosts Food Drives for Matthew’s Crossing Food Back twice a year.  We are also partnered with Mesa Local Outreach program for the Homeless and provide medical supplies. 

  • Health Education and Promotion: AMA takes part in various events with local city and private organizations to promote awareness around prevalent medical and mental health conditions. 

  • Access to underserved Populations:  AMA has always looked for gaps in medical and mental health services in certain areas and too the opportunity to serve that community.  We are looking to bring services to underserved communities like the City of Maricopa services that do not exist in that community.  We hope to fill many gaps medical and mental health services in Arizona’s rural areas.



Medicare and AHCCCS

AMA Doctor
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