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Emily Brumfield, FNP-BC, is a dedicated and compassionate Nurse Practitioner with over 17 years of experience in the field of family practice. She earned her degree from the prestigious Loyola University New Orleans in 2006, and has since been committed to providing high-quality healthcare to her patients.

Emily spent three years specializing in infectious diseases, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various conditions. Her diverse background includes working at a military clinic hospital, where she gained invaluable experience treating active duty military personnel, veterans and their families. This exposure has equipped her with a unique understanding of the specific health challenges faced by this population.

As a Certified Medical Examiner for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Emily is skilled in conducting comprehensive examinations to ensure the well-being of commercial motor vehicle drivers. Her dedication to promoting public safety and maintaining healthy communities is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to thorough assessments.

Outside of her professional life, Emily is an avid fitness enthusiast who loves working out in her free time with Happy Hour Fitness in Chandler. Her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only contributes to her personal well-being but also allows her to better understand and support her patients in their own health journeys.

Emily Brumfield is a trusted healthcare provider who is known for her empathetic approach, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of her patients. She is a valuable asset to the family practice community and continues to make a significant impact on the lives of those she serves.

Emily Brumfield

Emily Brumfield

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