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What is Medical Weight Loss at AMA?

Updated: May 20

Medical weight loss at AMA is a unique approach to weight loss that is very different from what you might see at big-name weight loss clinics. As a medical weight loss provider, I do not believe in restrictive diets, pre-packaged meal kits, or strenuous workout schedules. Rather, I believe that it is important to take the time to get to know my patients, make sure I understand them and their unique history. I make sure that all of my patients feel seen, heard, and valued. You won’t find blame or shame here.

Lasting, lifelong changes in weight take time and incorporate many different factors in a patient’s life. This holistic approach to medical weight loss ensures that I address all of the many reasons that caused the unwanted weight gain. I talk with patients about their unique environmental factors, health conditions, genetics, sleep, and mental health. We discuss food intake and activity levels to determine energy consumed and energy spent. The time it takes to understand a patient’s full history is so necessary because then I can create a unique weight loss plan.

I know that patients have often tried many avenues for their weight loss and have ended up feeling unsupported, frustrated, even defeated. Weight loss is deeply personal and emotional, and the social stigma associated with being overweight can lead to years of judgment, shame, blame, and accompanying self-isolation. My goal as a medical weight loss provider is to recognize your struggles, celebrate your successes, and help educate you on how to create lasting positive change in your life.

One thing that separates AMA’s medical weight loss from other types of weight loss is the incorporation of medications and mental health care. I have the ability to address the underlying factors associated with weight gain, including hormones, food processing disorders, or genetic conditions. I will meet with you regularly to see how you are progressing, make any needed adjustments to medications, and provide ongoing patient education. We also have in-house mental health providers who can provide ongoing support.

Book an appointment today to start your medical weight loss journey.

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